Rohit Sharma’s Interview After Indore T-20


In the absence of Team India captain Virat Kohli, the captain’s responsibility was handed over to Rohit Sharma in the three one-day and three T-20 series against Sri Lanka. Rohit played his job well and gave India a great win in one-day and T-20 series. As well as the batsman, he played a magnificent innings in both the series and his record was also fantastic.

Team India will play the last match of the two -20 series at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Sunday. With this match, the responsibility of the captaincy position will be removed from Rohit. The question that will be asked in Rohit’s mind and everyone’s mind is when will Rohit get the chance to see the captaincy of the national team again. Talking about this, Rohit said, “I do not know when I will again take the captaincy of Team India. ”

Rohit,  admitted that there is a lot of pressure on any player while captaining Team India. Talking to media after Indore T20, Rohit said, “The captaincy pressure is high. There was a lot of pressure on me after losing the first match. In Dharamshala, we had come in a situation where we could have recorded our lowest score. After that match, I thought a lot about my captaincy and team. Wherever you play, the team against which you are pressurized with the expectations of 140 million people living in India. ‘

Rohit, who scored a double century as a captain in the one-day series, gave rest to his partner Shikhar Dhawan and gave the responsibility of opening up the T20 series to KL Rahul. Rahul also made two half-centuries to clear his role in the team. At the same time, Rohit also played a magnificent innings in the second T20. He played a brilliant innings of 118 runs with the help of 43 balls, 10 sixes and 12 fours.

When asked if he would like to open with the batsman Dhawan and Rahul in future T20 series, he said, “These questions will have to ask Virat Kohli. Because after the next match I will not be the captain. Both batsmen have their own strengths. Since the shikhar is not in the team, the next match will be played by Rahul.


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