Sachin Tendulkar Best Shots

Sachin Tendulkar Best Shots

Sachin Tendulkar is a former Indian cricketer and captain,broadly appeared as one of the greatest batsman of all time . and known as the GOD OF CRICKET . Here are the sachin tendulkar Best Shots .
He made is debut on 15 Nov. 1989 against Pakistan.
The List of cool shots of sachin tendulkar is shown

To play a straight drive, your stability needs to be good. if your balance isn’t always properly, then you may now not be capable of play immediately; you may either drag it with the lowest hand to midwicket or you’ll slice it to cowl or cover point.
“however while your frame is aligned properly, you have got accurate stability and exact head position, then you could hit instantly again subsequent to the stumps,” he said.

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Mr.Tendulkar has understood that the ball has been despatched in brief, and that there’s room outsite the off-stump. He bends his knees, moves onto the Backfoot , getting on top of the ball , to send the cherry to the point boundary.

sachin tendulkar shots

He is on his toe and a rising Delivery , the champion needs that extraheight , as he area the load at the backfoot. Bat goes under the ball , to meet its Destiny. 4 runssss!

tendulkar shots

The bowler has bent his back, and the batting ace is aware of that there’s no 3rd man. because the ball rises, he both bends his knees, or receives towards off stump. once he gets the bat under the ball, it is time to establish contact. Eyeballs in the slip cordon, as well as the one belonging to the wicketkeeper, follow the ball’s trajectory as it crosses the fence.

sachin best shots

The batting ace has taken a company foot forward, bat and pad collectively. After permitting his bat to satisfy the ball, he watches it via to make certain that it goes nowhere close to the stumps.

sachin tendulkar best shots

The switch of weight is superb. The ball is pitched outside the off stump, and as soon as Mr.Tendulkar knows the period, he executes the stroke. Shoulders shifting diagonally, the front foot forward, pointing at one o’clock, lower back foot parallel to the crease.

sachin tendulkar best shots

Positionsing himself behind the ball, presenting the entire face of the bat. the bottom hand remains same, similar to the man’s resolve. keen eyes watching the ball until the remaining second.

sachin tendulkar best shots

The ball is pitched on leg stump, and there may be an opportunity for Tendulkar to test the waters along with his paddle sweep. The premeditated shot was used well by the ace when he wanted the fielder at fine leg to make a run for it. The wicketkeeper clearly has the best view.

sachin tendulkar best shots

The ball has been pitched on leg stump. Watch how he turns his bat, pad shifting backwards, rolling his wrists over the ball.

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So, this are the sachin tendulkar best shots.

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